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Brûmée L'Orée des Bois Candle 180g Duftkerze

180 g
23,33 € / 100 g
42 €
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Lieferung innerhalb Deutschlands ca.: Montag, 23.05.2022 - Dienstag, 24.05.2022
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  • Duftlinie: Earthy and woody
  • Duftcharakter: Erdig


Introducing Brûmée’s range of premium candles, handmade in Provence. Every 180g candle is crafted with sustainability in mind, with 100% plant-based and paraffin-free wax. Our candles also use wooden wicks, which ensures a more clean and even burn than conventional wicks, and have less soot. Each exquisite scent is vegan and developed by our nose in Grasse, to bring the French “savoir-faire” to life. L’Orée des bois is a refreshed version of our Pine Tree and Vetiver duo, with notes of Cinnamon, Rose, Amber and Vanilla coming into the mix.
  • Vegan


Let the candle burn for a couple hours and enjoy the subtle crackling of the wooden wick.


Soy Wax & Duft