Bakel Mint-Body Scrub Körperpeeling

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MINT-BODYSCRUB is a renewing anti-ageing body scrub that acts against the slowdown of cellular turnover and sebum imbalance. Its 5 clean active ingredients mechanically reduce skin thickening, refresh heavy legs, remove dead cells, nourish the body skin and are particularly effective in cases of swelling. MINT-BODYSCRUB from the time of first application nourishes the skin and gives it a soft touch.
  • Effekte: Exfolierend
  • Hautkompatibilität: Alle Hauttypen
  • Konsistenz: Peeling
  • Clean Beauty


Beauty Without Bunnies
Leaping Bunny


Anwendungsbereich: Bein
Use: massage MINT-BODYSCRUB all over the body, on wet skin, taking care to avoid the most delicate areas. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat with a dry towel. Warnings: avoid contact with face, eyes and genital areas. In case of contact, rinse with lukewarm water.


Sodium Chloride M = Peeling, renewing Glycine Soja Oil V = Nourishing Eucalyptus Globulus Oil V = Energising, refreshing Mentha Piperita Oil V = Energising, refreshing Limonene C = Antioxidant V Vegetal source M Mineral source C Component of the essential oils