Bachca Baby Kit Brush 100% Boar Small+Wooden Comb

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The Bachca Baby Kit, essential for the hairs of babies and young children, is composed of a natural wooden brush with 100% wild boar bristles and a beech wood comb . It allows to comb and brush the child while taking care of his scalp. These delicately hand-crafted tools are made of beech wood and made to last.


Anwendungsbereich: Haare
You can use on dry hair as well as on wet hair to detangleand smooth with ease.We recommend that you brush your hair at least twice a day. To clean your Bachca brush, remove all the hair stuck between the pins, then use a dose of mild shampoo, rub gently and rinse thoroughly.
Dry your brush on a clean cloth with the pins down for approximately one day.

Do not use underwater and avoid prolonged contact with water.


Wood, Boar bristles, Nylon